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Owner Carry Real Estate Real Estate

Owner Carry real estate has a ton of advantages including a great monthly income and great equity positions. The property below can be a great owner carry property.  Here is how we do the owner carry. The buyer/tenant of the property will have to put down 10% of the sales price. In this case $10,000 because the sale price of the home will be $100,000.

The payment will be $1000 a month after taxes and insurance the net would be $710 a month. If we purchase and rehab the property for a total of $55,000, that is a 15% return monthly on the net profit.

The equity would be $45,000 ($100,000-$55,000) which would be a 82% return. Sounding good?

We have all the services you need to do owner carry.  With clients putting 10% down they take ownership of the property and therefore will probably take excellent care of it. Let’s look at the approx numbers in detail.



Sale on on owner Carry $100,000

Payment__$  1000
Taxes____$    230
Insurance_$    60

Net______$   710

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New Listing in South Euclid

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Existing-Home Sales Tumble as Tight Inventory Chokes Housing Market

This is an article about something we are all felling in the real estate world right now TIGHT INVENTORY. This article comes from http://www.realtor.com/ by Andrea Riquier that discuss it.

We are dealing with it in Cleveland Metro area and the Phoenix Metro areas. The key to this type of real estate market is to not hesitate when you find a great deal and if you are looking at selling now may be a good time. I was speaking with one of my Lenders yesterday and he was informing me that he was dealing with a lot of loans. He was updating me that he sellers are controlling this real estate market.

A lender that is funding a deal in Beachwood Ohio that we are closing next week was telling me that California is also having a issue with inventory. He explained that people payed the sunshine tax to live in that state, and that some cities were over $1,000,000 on the average home price.

The Phoenix market is also going through an inventory crunch in a lot of their areas. I noticed that the Tempe Az market does not have much under $200,000 for a decent home. There is not very many of those either. In Gilbert, Chandler you also have about the same prices that you have to pay for entry level homes.

In the Cleveland Metro area, you can still find $150,000 properties that have good amenities around the properties. A duplex in Lakewood was $90,000 and there were a ton of offers that poured in on this property. I listed a home and a duplex in Lakewood that was on the same lot and had it under contract in a few days.

If your looking at selling a property then look me up and save some serious money on listing your home. With all the buyers in the market selling a home today is much easier than before. We have a full listing package that will get you the Premium marketing and get buyers to your property. Call Brett 216-703-5740 Century 21 Premiere and 602-363-6551 EXP Realty

Also if you need to buy a home I bird dog properties daily in most areas call me on that also. We have all the services you need to buy real estate in Ohio and Arizona.

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Income Real Estate in Ohio and Arizona what do you make?

When your looking income real estate is all about the numbers and the quality of real estate. I was listening to a podcast that said Seattle was a hot rental market.  The average rents were $2300 and the average cost of a home was $400,000 plus. If you do the numbers not a great deal is a so called hot area.

Looking at the Arizona Market you can buy a home for around $185,000 all in and rent at $1200 a month.  These properties have about $700-$800 dollars a year in property taxes, which is extremely low. The nets are 6%-7% without a mortgage. The tenants are plenty and they usually stay for a long period of time. These properties are hard to find, but can be purchased.

In Ohio you can buy a home for $150,000 and get around $1500 a month for the rent. These properties net appox $1100 a month without a mortgage and in great areas that have a ton of tenants that need a place to live.  Vacancies in these areas are usually under 3%.

When you looking in other places that have very high returns, beware and look at the area.  I would always want to fell touch and see a home before I purchased it. I talked to a couple of investors in an area one loved it and the other hated it.  Having boots on the ground and someone who understands the areas and where to get long term tenants is very important to your success.

Also look at how many homes are for sale, and days on market.  Make sure that the area has a high number of owner occupants in the area,  Also look at the pricing trends and make sure there is growing equity in the homes.

If you live in a high priced area like New York or San Fransico your income properties are very few and far between. Looking in other areas may be your only option.  Call Brett and I will show you the areas me and my clients buy real estate in. I think you will be impressed 216-703-5740 Century 21 Premiere and 602-363-6551 EXP Realty 

Selling Your House? Better Prepare for the Home Inspection

Wow this is so true when you are selling a property! All Realtors fear the inspector, but there are things you can do to prepare for a home inspection. This article for the title comes from http://www.realtor.com

One of the main inspection items I like to address is getting the roof certified before a home inspection. Having that paperwork available helps you with a bad home inspectors or ones that are not licensed. I had one recently where the seller did not do that. An inspector came in and said the roof was installed up side down. When we got that report we sent a licensed roofer to look at it and the home inspector was wrong. It was a special shingle that looked the same on both sides and was installed correctly.

Another good thing to have serviced is your heater and A/C. When the Licensed HVAC tech does the work have them leave a receipt taped to the Heater so the home inspector has it. This at least tells the buyers that the HVAC system is in good working order.

If you have an old electrical panel look at getting it serviced by a licensed Electrician and get all the paperwork needed for a Home inspector. Check all your Plugs and Switches and make sure they work correctly also. This helps get you a clean inspection report. This is especially true in older homes.

Look at your plumbing and all the turn off valves in your home and get a licensed plumber out to get you a check up and all the paperwork if you see something that might hurt the inspection. If you have an old drain line in your home you might want to have it snaked out, to ensure that all your sinks and tubs drain quickly.

Also have your Realtor be there for the inspection with all the paperwork and information to give the home inspector. I am always at them and have all the paperwork ready to give to the inspector before he starts the inspection.  I have a home inspection this Wednesday and I have already spoke with the inspector on all the paperwork that I have.

Getting ready for an inspection is just as important as having one. If your home is ready for the inspection it will really help sale the property. We have a team of professionals that help sale your property quickly and get you through the inspections. Call Brett 216-703-5740 Century 21 Premiere and 602-363-6551

How Much Can a Full-Service Real Estate Agent Do to Help Sell Your Home?

This article comes from http://realestate.usnews.com/ by Devon Thorsby. Lets see what are some of the things he has to say about Full-Service Real Estate Agents and their benefits.

” With the abundance of real estate information on the internet and the rising popularity of home improvement shows in recent years, homebuyers and sellers are more tapped into the market than ever. But having greater access to housing data and home listings doesn’t necessarily mean it all makes sense without a professional there to translate the particulars for your situation”

That is true as a buyer you are more tapped into the market with all the data and reports you can get from many different Real Estate sites. Translating it is the key to having not just the information, but the correct information. For example Zillow has their estimated property values on their site. The problem is they are not considering key differences in homes. For example if a remodeled home and a Fixer upper is sold that has similar Square footage they use both homes as the same home price valuation.

Adding a new roof, having an extra bathroom, or a totally remodeled home has to be considered in the value of each home. Think about it is a home that has had extensive an correct remodeling not worth more than the next home that has not been remodeled and needs major updating? Knowing the difference does make all the difference.  That is why Realtors are so important to have when selling a home.

““Any good real estate agent should have a general contractor – not just a handyman, but somebody that can handle a wide variety of tasks,” Hall says.”

Selling the home and getting things updated or repaired on a home is crucial to selling it for top dollar. I have done over 1000 properties and rehabbed most of them from top to bottom. Not all properties need that, but adding a new affordable kitchen to a home helps sell it. My professional services have contractors for everything a home may need updated or repaired.

Lastly marketing a property is vastly better with a Realtor. My listings get a lot of showings through all the different advertising I get form my Brokerages. Realtors pay a lot of money for these services and with 95% of all home sales going through Realtors it works! Realtor listing automatically go to all the real estate sites in most cases when added to the MLS (I know all my listings do).

Working with a seasoned Real Estate agent that knows the areas is also important and gets you better deals. I have been in the business since 1985 and have seen a lot of different situations with real estate. Licensed in Ohio and Arizona I know these two areas very well and can assist you in buying and selling. We have discount full service listing packages that save you both time and money. Call Brett 216-703-5740

This Weeks Investment Real Estate Videos

always talk about the adventures in real estate I have during each new week and this week was no different. Had a great call with a Newsletter reader yesterday that had read it for 10 years before he called me. That is a good study and he is ready to purchase some more properties in the Cleveland metro area. Great conversation

We also launched the new Mexico Beach resort project and I am building a site to show off this resort. I visited it a couple of weeks ago and really liked the layout and the history of the builder. They have a reservation site that generates over $3 million a year in rentals in Luxury Villas and Homes. I have some videos below to watch.

Yesterday we rented a home in Fairview Park Ohio and I am doing the paperwork today to get that property cash flowing with a great tenant! I does take time to find the right tenants for homes and do all the background and credit checks. This nice property will be cash flowing very soon.

Lastly I am meeting a new client today on a nice piece of property in the Chagrin Falls area to build. The property does have a barn and is located in a great area. Also meeting a client next Saturday on a home in Westlake to show.

Enjoy the videos and please call me if you need anything for real estate. 216-703-5740 Century 21 Premiere and 602-363-6551 EXP Realty

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Investment home Sales Climb 4.5%

This long article from https://www.nar.realtor/ by Adam Desanctis talks about the drop in second home buying and the uptick in investment homes that you can lease for shorter times and use when needed. Others are simply profiting from higher prices and higher demand for rentals.

““Sales to individual investors reached their highest level since 2012 (1.20 million) as investors took advantage of record low mortgage rates and recognized the sizeable demand for renting in their market as renters struggle to become homeowners,” said Yun. “The ability to generate rental income or remodel a home to put back on a market with tight inventory is giving investors increased confidence in their ability to see strong returns in their home purchase.”

The owner carry is also another option that is getting a lot of attention. The owner of the property basically becomes the bank and sells the property just like a bank.

“Given the rising popularity of short-term rentals in locales throughout the country, it’s no surprise there were slightly more investment and vacation buyers renting their property for less than 30 days. Forty-four percent of investors (42 percent in 2015) and 29 percent of vacation buyers (24 percent in 2015) did or tried to rent their property last year and plan to do so in 2017. Twenty-one percent of investment buyers and 15 percent of vacation buyers did not rent their home for short-term purposes last year but plan to try it in 2017”

There are also new investors that like the AirBnB approach. They lease out their properties for short periods of time. We are selling resort villas and beach homes that fit that category.  They are leased out through a reservation system and the owners make very good money with them. They also can use their property as a vacation getaway when they want. The property basically cost nothing to the owner and makes them money. They can also enjoy the property when they have their vacations.

We also are doing the traditional type of investment real estate that just bangs out the income for our clients. There is not a lot of great deals out there, but we do find them for our clients.

Buying investment real estate today can create both income and generate a better life style. If you need real estate in Cleveland metro, Phoenix Metro, or  a beach property in Mexico

Call Brett 216-703-5740 Century 21 Premiere and 602-363-6551 EXP Realty

Duplex in Lakewood 4 sale Tenants Included

This property has long term tenants already in place and needs some repairs.  Approx $10,000 in repairs. Located in one of the hottest cities in Ohio, Lakewood. Asking $108,000 and the gross rent is $1250 a month.  One of the Tenants has signed a two year lease. The other has a 12 month lease and both love the duplex.

Great income property Call Brett 216-703-5740 Century 21 Premiere 

I find the hard to find Real Estate!


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