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5 Reasons Realtor’s Should  Be A Real Estate Investors Best Friend

Real Estate Investors need to have information before they can know if their real estate purchase is a good one. Realtor’s have so many tools at their disposal that can help an investor get more real estate and better deals. Comps, Sells, days on market, and so much more.

 I met with an investor that needed to sale a home that he had purchased and remodeled. He purchased the home right, but the contractor got to much money and the investor over updated the property. As I looked at the home it was done very well and I ask if I could turn on the air conditioner? The investor said it did not work and would replace it when it was sold. WHAT? The A/C did not work and the home was very warm.

My next question (and I knew the answer) was how much do you have into this property. Wow it was a lot, so much the value would not cover the sale price. The investor had two signs in the front yard for rent and a for sale sign, confusing. He also said how much he did not like Realtors ( I was wondering why I was there?)

If this investor would have used a Realtor he would have known the different avenues he could have went. For example

1. Sold the property as is to another investor and made a lot of money
2. What upgrades need to be done to get the desired price
3.  How much will the home be worth after the upgrades
4. How long does it take to sale in this area
5. What is the marketing plan to sale the home

Having the answers on important questions can make or break a deal. The hard part of it all is getting the information and having a Realtor that understands what real estate is worth and can sell it,

We have some investors that came to us to sale two properties that they had remodeled. I have met many times with them to give them advice on what to update in a home. Their two homes that we listed sold in 4 days and both are closing this week. 

Any investor should use a qualified Realtor that has done investment real estate and understands all the in’s and out’s. Check the Realtor’s references and make sure you spend time and energy helping the Realtor get you real estate deals. 

It is alright to pay commission if your using the agents time and they are helping you make money. You will need them on the next deal.

Our team has done 1000+ plus properties and understand our clients needs for real estate. Call me I am Brett at 216-703-5740 Century 21 Premiere and 602-363-6551 EXP Realty and Playa AZUL. CHECK OUT MY NEW BOOK AT ATTENTIONREALTORS.COM 

New listing in Pepper Pike Ohio 4 Bed 2.5 bath 1+ Acre Lot

4 bedroom 2.5 bath over 1 acre Lot $369,900

family room. This home has been loved! Call Brett 216-703-5740 Century 21 Premiere 

5 Inexpensive Remodeling Ideas for Your Home and help sell your home

This article comes from http://www.century21.com/ by Andrea Davis and it talks about some great ways to get your home updated or ready to sale that do not cost a fortune. When you are looking to update a home you do not always have to replace something with new. These 6 things help make you home worth more money.

1. Refinish bathtub
If you have a porcelain bathtub that looks a bit worn, the alternative to replacing it is refinishing the tub. While refinishing is a long process, it costs less than a new bathtub, about $300 to $1,000 according to
ImproveNet. The process involves getting off all of the dirt and grime and then sanding it before putting on new layers of paint and primer. It’s a process that will leave your bathtub looking almost new if you have the right tools and want to invest at least a day working to refinish it.”

There are many treatments for this, but I use a contractor that has a 3 part process and the tub looks brand new. I recently went into one home that this contractor had refinished a tub 5 years ago, and the tub still looked like brand new. He charges $500-$700 a bathroom, and it is a long lasting effect.

2. Refinish wood floor

Over time wood floors get scuffed, scratched and worn down by foot traffic in kitchens, living rooms and hallways. While homeowners might consider replacing parts or the whole wood floor, another option is to refinish the wood. The DIY approach is to sand down the wood floor and then re-stain it, which requires a lot of elbow grease and time to complete. If you want to have a flooring professional do the work, you might pay between $1,500 and $2,000 for wood floor refinishing depending on the square footage”

Refinishing wood floors correctly takes a professional to make beautiful floor. If the floor needs sanded and stained the cost could get up to $4,000. We just did a home in Chagrin Falls and the cost was $1500. It really varies to the condition of the floor. The key is that your home will have the wow FACTOR IF DONE CORRECTLY.

4. Paint cabinets

If paint starts to chip away from your kitchen or bathroom cabinets because of usage over time, you can take the doors off with a screwdriver and repaint them or have them professionally finished. This will save on having to replace the entire cabinet, and you can have them personalized for the room. If you choose to paint them yourself, be sure to choose quality paint that can last so you won’t have to go back and do it again. You also want to be sure and cover the hinges and knobs. It might be good to consult with a painter ahead of time just in case.”

Most paint companies have a special blend for cabinets, and also adding new hardware really beefs up the look of any kitchen. Go to some open house in higher priced homes that have been remodeled and you will get some great ideas. We have painted cabinets in homes we have sold and it really works well.

“4. Update lighting

For those who want to have a greener home, an inexpensive project is updating your lights from fluorescent or incandescent to LED. You can go to your local home improvement or big-box store and purchase LED bulbs for around $10 and install them in about any fixture. These will cut down on your utility bill while giving off the same glow without that bright, buzzing haze. You can also replace many of your hanging fixtures with recessed lighting, which can optimize ceiling space but might require an electrician’s expertise for handling exposed wires.”

Make sure the lights match your decor and get new ones. Probably the cheapest upgrade you can do for a home. Lowe’s has a better selection of lights over Home Depot I think. look around and you will find good deals and get a electrician to install them. We are doing for a client this next week on a newly purchased home that needs new lighting. It brightens up the home and makes your environment nicer.

6. Get new appliances and make sure they match in color and brand. Professionals always make sure that the appliances all match and are of the same brand. Black and Stainless Steel are the more popular ones being used today.

We have all these services already set up for our clients if they need them. Want a new looking home to live in Call me I am Brett 216-703-5740 Century 21 Premiere and 602-363-6551 EXP Realty ans Playa Azul

Buying Real Estate in the Perfect Environment and this weeks videos

Having Real Estate and owning should be a great feeling. Having a home or investment in the right environment that fits your needs creates excitement of living. When you are looking at any type of real estate make sure it would fit you and your families needs and enviroment.

For example what type of eateries, movie theaters, shopping and any other activity would you want around you? I have a client that wants to be in walking distance to a downtown area and knows how far he wants to be from it. His perfect environment is walking distance.

Other buyers want the best schools for their family. Some want to purchase fixer uppers to rehab and have equity after they move in their home. We have all the services to help make that happen. Contractors and vendors that can get you the best pricing for your upgrades.

Having the perfect place to live in your perfect environment is what we strive for. In income real estate you want consistent income and building equity positions. You want to be able to drive by your property and know that you like the property and environment.

Real estate is about enjoying the fruits of your labor and to have a place to call home. Need that perfect environment for a home? I’m Brett and I am your Environment Friendly Real Estate Agent.. Call 216-703-5740 Century 21 Premiere and 602-363-6551 EXP Realty and Playa Azul

Does a Basement Count in the Square Footage of a Home?

This Article comes from https://www.realtor.com/ by Maragret Heidenry that talks about basements and if you can count them for square footage. It gets a bit tricky with appraisals and when you are listing a property.

As a general rule of thumb, a finished basement typically doesn’t count toward the overall square footage, especially if the basement is completely below grade—a term that means under ground level. What is included ultimately depends on which state you live in. Your local county assessor’s office determines if basement square footage, finished or unfinished, can be counted as part of what’s known as the “gross living area.”

The basement may or may not be added as square footage. Typically you will hear that if it is a walkout they count it the square footage. Ohio tax always separate the square footage out on the tax records from above ground to below ground.

In the Ohio area the key is if the basement is finished and if it has a basement. When you look at com parables in any area the basement has to be taken in consideration. For example in Strongsville Ohio I notice that in a lot of subdivisions a basement adds $30k-50k more on the value than homes without basements. Slab homes in some areas just do not sale for as much.

You can look at that in two ways, if you want a basement is will cost more to purchase a home in a lot of areas. If you can live without a basement and buy a slab home you pay less and could move up to a nicer home and area.

A basement is great when finished out and used, but if you are just using that area for storage it might be better to rent a storage unit. $30k-50k can buy a lot of time in storage unit. Not spending 30k-50k more for the home can lower your mortgage payment.

When your looking at slab homes it is important to know what the price difference is with and without a basement. In lower priced areas there may not be a huge difference in price, but could be harder to sale.

Get with a Realtor and see what the difference is with or without a basement. Then consider how you will use that basement. For storage or finish it out for living area? You might be surprised where you can live.

I’m Brett and I help people buy their perfect home and I always consider their best environment for everyday living. Call 216-703-5740 Century 21 Premiere and 602-363-6551 EXP Realty and Playa Azul 

Sunday Brunch: Burntwood Tavern Brecksville


Brecksville has one of the most postcard downtown areas in the nation. This new restaurant serves up some tasty entrees. The old spanish looking building that consist of a lot building materials found from the history of Brecksville. 
The Brunch menu consist of Prime Rib Egg Benedict, Smoked Salmon Egg Benedict, and of course the BWT Classic Brunch( three eggs-Crispy potatoes-bacon-toast). The brunch is only Saturday and Sunday starting at 11am. 
They have one of Cleveland Finest Starbucks just down the street to relax and enjoy your company. Go out and enjoy Brecksville Ohio!
Join us each Saturday & Sunday morning for our “Build Your Own Bloody Mary”.
First, choose which Tavern-infused Vodka you would like- traditional, jalapeno & garlic, pickle, bacon, or one of our other infusions.
Next, choose your tomato juice & heat-zesty Zing Zang, Clamato, or traditional tomato then kick it up from an array of hot sauces & horseradish. 
Finally, give your signature Bloody Mary a shake, grab a skewer & enjoy some items to dip into your Bloody Mary – shrimp, cheeses, bacon, pickles, & more

 8188 Brecksville Rd
Brecksville, Ohio 44141

If you need Real Estate I’m Brett call me 216-703-5740 Century 21 Premiere and 602-363-6551 EXP Realty and Playa Azul

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New Income Property Phoenix Az

3 Bedroom 2.5 Bathrooms 1813 SF St 2 Car Garage. Newer home built in 2005 and will get excellent tenants.  Large master bedroom with bathroom and a large garden tub. This subdivision also has a community pool. Lets look at the approx numbers 
Rent_$     1100
P/M_______$ 88
Insurance_$ 60
Net Proceeds
_____$      761
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Beach Life Vacation Villas with

We have some great units available 206 is a two bedroom with a bonus bunk bed room. Totally furnished complete with all appliances and fully stocked kitchen. This unit is

​ at a special price of ​
​ ​


These units are fully furnished which is a $20,000 upgrade. The furnishings include a Big Screen, All the kitchen items, Beds, Bathroom items, basically everything a person would need to have in a resort room.  ​

The projected gross income is approx $28,000-$35,000. It has a over sized patio on this unit that 356 SQ Feet and the unit


Sq feet. This unit is done and ready to go.

We keep the units creating income when your not there with our reservation company that already generates millions in Rocky Point.​

​  We have 3 units availableat this price. Two area in the third floor and 1 is on the 6th floor. The first building is almost sold out and prices will increase. Please call me to reserve a unit.

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Awesome deal in Chagrin Falls 4 Bed 4 Bath $249,900

View photos, maps, and learn more about 604 Magnolia Ln located in Chagrin Falls OH 44023 or search for additional homes for sale in Chagrin Falls on C21.

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