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Need Income Real Estate in Arizona n homes

Income real estate in Phoenix Arizona area is premium.  The rents are good and there are plenty of people looking for them. This property is located in the heart of Chandler Az near everything. It is a 3 bedroom 2 bath property that is approx 1288 Sq feet.  It is in a nice neighborhood. The home is already finished and ready to rent. Let’s go over the Approx numbers:
Asking $160,000

Approx Rent    $1200
Taxes                $   79
P/M                  $    96
Insurance          $ 100

Net proceeds    $  925 a month

The appreciation in this area for the next 5 years should be excellent. The repairs should almost be nothing the first year. This is a tight market and there are not many of these types of properties.  Call Brett 602-363-6551 West USA Realty, we have all the tools for you to be successful in income real estate.

Lease Option Home real estate 

I was driving around looking at homes yesterday and saw some really nice homes that would create a great cash flow and very profit on the sale of this home.  The other factor I like about this home is that it is in an extremely nice neighborhood.

That is the key to doing lease option or rent to own real estate getting great real estate. Lets look at a home that I saw yesterday and the approx numbers.

Offer Price  $230,000
Rehab         $  25,000
Total           $255,000
Rent      $2400 a month
Tax       $  424 a month
P/M       $   240 a month
Insurance $   100 a month
Net proceeds
             $1636 a month
Lease option price
This would get about an 8% return on the monthly rent and a $45,000 gross profit on the sale of this property.  The lease option or rent to own would be for a 2 year agreement.
If all Payments are made the net would be $84,264 over a two year period.  This property is in a very desired area and should go very quickly.  We would also have the tenant go through credit and know that they can qualify in the term of the contract.
If all those numbers come in as they should the return on your initial investment is over 30%.  Call Brett I have done a lot of these and they work well in this real estate market.  call 216-703-5740 Howard Hanna Ohio and 602-363-6551 West USA Realty Arizona  

Transforming houses into homes

When your looking at buying a house sometimes it needs a little TLC.  Buyers call me and want to buy properties that need rehabbing.

My clients know that after the rehab is finished we they will not only have a brand new home, but they rehabbed it the smart way to add equity. A lot of times we add bathrooms and we always remodel the kitchens.  Paint, lighting, flooring and new plugs, switches are always needed. We can get a home done for you……..Call us today
Making a home look fresh and new does not have to cost a lot. I have been helping clients do this for over 16 years.
Want a fresh looking home? Call Brett 216-703-5740 Howard Hanna Ohio and 602-363-6551 West USA Realty Arizona.

Check out this home we recently did.



Cleveland-area house prices up 7.1 percent from a year ago

Housing prices are going up in the Cleveland area 7.1% from a year ago. That is good news for a lot of home owners. This report comes from http://realestate.cleveland.com/ by Michelle Jarboe, The Plain Dealer  that talks about this report.

In Cuyahoga County, the average sale price was up 15.5 percent, to $167,372.” 

 That is a nice rise in prices and was needed for the 10 years we had no gains in homes.  Let’s face it, homes are still very affordable here.  I sold a home on a very nice PGA type course and the price was $304,900.  That was a 5 bedroom 4 bath home by the 2nd par 5 fairway.  Complete with a clubhouse and many other benefits that you would expect in a golf community. What would that cost anywhere else?
” Seventy-eight percent of homeowners believe it’s a good time to buy, down from 82 percent early this year. Sixty percent of renters agree, down from 62 percent during the first quarter of 2016. The vast majority of survey participants believe that prices will hold steady or rise during the next six months. “
Consumers believe that prices will continue to rise in the nest six months. Real estate is a really nice way to create wealth and have full control of it,  That goes for both home buyers and Real Estate investors. Home buyers want to live in a nice area and should consider what the future trend is for neighborhoods they are considering.  Living in a home you own can create a great tax free gain for your savings account (check with your CPA for all the details).
Real estate investors know that he inventory is a problem.  Getting a good buy on any home is great for their portfolio. Inventory will not help grow sales , but prices will stay firm or increase with this market.
Looking to buy a home in Ohio or Arizona? I specialize in finding areas that have value and are good deals. If you need to do some TLC on the home, I can get you in touch with people who can help do that on a budget.  Creating equity in any home doesn’t have to be difficult. Call Brett 216-703-5740 Howard Hanna Ohio and 602-363-6551 West USA Realty Arizona.

What Is Escrow? How It Keeps Home Buyers and Sellers Safe

This article shows you how buying a home with escrow is a must. This article comes from http://www.realtor.com/ by Cathie Ericson. I have never purchased a property or have had any of my clients purchase a property without title insurance through escrow. It is so important to run every property through escrow to ensure you have a clean title. Lets see why?

“The third party is there to make sure everything during the closing proceeds smoothly, including the transfers of money and documents. Escrow protects all the relevant parties by ensuring that no funds and property change hands until all conditions in the agreement have been met.”

Most people do not like paperwork, escrow companies take care of all that and help ensure it is right. The key to the last paragraph is making sure that all conditions are met.

“Escrow may seem like a pain, but here’s how it can work in your favor. Let’s say, for example, the buyer had a home inspection contingency and discovered that the roof needed repairs. The seller agrees to fix the roof. However, during the buyer’s final walk-through, she finds that the roof hasn’t been repaired as expected. In this case, the sellers won’t see a dime of the buyer’s money until they fix that roof. Talk about a nice safeguard for the buyer!”

Realtors also make sure to use escrow companies to assist in the closings. They are usually a part of every transaction with a licensed Realtor.  The other important issue that escrow companies do is basically insure the title to be clean of liens.

When I first started buying real estate I purchased and sold a property in Mesa Arizona. It was closing on my Birthday and the title company called and told me I needed to bring money in to close. I explained that I should be getting a lot money at closing, a lot of money! There was a lien that was on the property from the previous owner. It was a $25,000 dollar lien. I called Dennis who was with Chicago Title at the time. I explained my problem and he immediately called the closing escrow company and the insurance that I had purchased when I originally purchased the property paid the $25,000, or at least they took it off my closing. From then on I have always and will always get title insurance when me or a client purchases real estate. It helped me have a happy birthday and a profitable one at that.

” Escrow, in other words, is the equivalent of bumpers on cars, keeping everyone safe as they move forward in a real estate transaction. Odds are, no one’s trying to swindle anyone. But isn’t it nice to know that if something does go wrong, escrow is there to cushion the blow?”

Remember also that escrow companies are governed the same as banks and they are a great cushion. Call Brett for all your real estate needs 216-703-5740 Howard Hanna Ohio and 602-363-6551 West USA Realty

Completed Home Flipping at a Six-Year High

This information comes from http://www.dsnews.com by Kendall Baer that really talks about how different this flip market is from the early 2000’s.

“The report states that homes flipped in Q2 2016 represented 5.5 percent of all single family and condo sales during the quarter. This was a decrease from 6.7 percent of all sales in the first quarter but the report notes that it is up from 5.4 percent of all sales in Q2 2015.”

“Additionally, the report states that a total of 39,775 investors, including both individuals and institutions, completed at least one home flip in Q2 2016. This was the highest number of home flippers since Q2 2007 making it a nine-year high.”

There are a lot of flippers out there and I think that number will decrease by the 4th quarter of this year. There are a lot of beginners out there paying top dollar and more for real estate.  I have always took my time and looked for the best deals available that made sense.  A lot of investors are not patient and it usually cost them. I was in the 2006 market and it was competitive.

Buyers are still very picky and want the right priced home.  If it is rehabbed and looks nice that is a bonus. Having the right home at the right price makes you money.

““We’re starting to see home flipping hit some milestones not seen since prior to the financial crisis, which is somewhat concerning, but there are a couple of important differences in the home flipping of 2016 compared to 2006 when home flipping peaked during the last housing boom,” Blomquist continued. “First, home flippers are realizing a much bigger gross ROI in 2016, averaging 49 percent in the first two quarters compared to an average gross ROI of just 27 percent in 2006. Second, while an increasing number of flippers are financing their purchases, more than two-thirds are still using cash to purchase compared to about one-third using cash to purchase back in 2006.””

They did not mention the severely low inventory of homes that was not the case in 2006.  I personally have never seen the low amount of inventory out there. It is taking me longer to find homes that fit the parameters to flip.

The good news is that I can still get them.  I am also getting income real estate in the Ohio and Arizona market. Call Brett 216-703-5740 Howard Hanna Ohio and 602-363-6551 West USA Realty Arizona.  

NAR Identifies Top 10 Markets in Dire Need of More Single-family Housing Starts

New home starts are so below what this market needs, inventory is really getting critical  for real estate. This report comes from http://www.realtor.org/ by Adam Desanctis. The report points out the need for new home starts.

The top 10 metro areas with the biggest need for more single-family housing starts to get back to the historical average ratio are:

  • New York (218,541 permits required)
  • Dallas (132,482 permits required)
  • San Francisco (127,412 permits required)
  • Miami (118,937 permits required)
  • Chicago (94,457 permits required)
  • Atlanta (93,627 permits required)
  • Seattle (73,135 permits required)
  • San Jose, California (69,042 permits required)
  • Denver (67,403 permits required)
  • San Diego (55,825 permits required)”
That is around a million homes that need built in just these areas to get back to 2005. That is 11 years ago. You add up all the other areas and you can see the shortage of new home builds.
““Although a few small cities with high ratios did not make the national rank for absolute permit shortages, their supply shortages are still meaningful at the local level and could become a bigger issue if job gains hold steady and the current pace of construction remains at its nearly non-existent level,” adds Yun. “
I talk to buyers all the time that cannot find a home that fits there needs. Just yesterday I talked to a  buyer that wanted to buy a home in a certain area. She told me the price that she needed and I explained that there were no homes for that price in the area.
“Looking ahead, Yun says the good news is that the ratio in many areas slightly moved downward in 2015 compared to 2014 as builders started to respond accordingly to local supply shortages. However, it’ll likely be multiple years before inventory rebounds in many of the markets because homebuilders continue to face a plethora of hurdles, including permit delays, higher construction, regulatory and labor costs, difficulty finding skilled workers and the exhausting process many smaller builders go through to obtain financing.”
This means that existing home sales will remain good and when they start building new homes, that will help the existing homes in that area gain more equity. This also states that the inventory in homes will continue to be a concern in the near future. There has to be a profit in it or the builders will not build new homes.
” “Recent NAR survey data show an overwhelming consumer preference towards single-family homes, including among millennials, who are increasingly buying them in suburban areas,” concludes Yun. “A mix of new starter-homes for first-time buyers and larger homes for families looking to trade up is needed at this moment to ensure homeownership opportunities remain in reach to qualified prospective buyers at all ages and income levels.””
Home buyers are a mixed bag of needs, and you have to identify the buyers for areas by what is already there. For example is the area set up for singles and young married couples? Is it set up for young families, older empty nesters? Knowing what type of buyers that would want to buy in a particular area is the key to knowing what type of homes buyers want to buy and where.
Call Brett I have sold 100’s of homes and understand my clients needs and wants. Please consider me when you are looking for your next home. 216-703-5740 Howard Hanna Ohio and 602-363-6551 West USA Realty Arizona.

Knowing how to market your real estate pays big!

Went to a home to meet with a contractor today to do a final walk through. The home had a few things left, buy nothing major. During that time I received 4 calls from people and Realtors that wanted to see the home.  I will be listing the home this week, but I used some marketing to get the buzz going about the soon to be done home.

Marketing a home before it is finished rehabbing has many different facets to doing it.  For example I posted a video on Friday on my YouTube Channel.  I pay for a service on Zillow that allows me to post a coming soon listing Click here to view.

I already have 3 showings for the home this weekend. That is what it takes to sell homes quickly in this market. After I post the final video I will post it to Zillow.  The home will also go on the MLS and will be announced at our next Realtor meeting of top producing agents.

The listing will be posted to my Blog and Newsletter that goes out every week and has been for over 6 years.

Making my Clients properties sell faster is what I do.  Making the most of the internet and word of mouth is the key to selling real estate.  Having a Realtor that can do all that is priceless.
Call Brett 216-703-5740 Howard Hanna Ohio and 602-363-6551 West USA Realty Arizona.

What I look at with homes for my clients

Looking at Real Estate is almost and everyday thing.  Knowing the areas and what they are worth is priceless to any investor or home buyer. I love finding the best real estate for my clients.  Call me today and let me show what I can do for you.

Looking at real estate requires a trained eye that knows what needs to be done to a property.  For example what is the difference between a rental,lease option and flip rehab? That could cost you thousands of extra dollars.  Does you contractors get projects done? How long will it take? What type of professional would want to live in that neighborhood your buying real estate in?

I met with an investor on a rehab gone bad last week. He was doing a flip that would retail in the low $200,000’s. They had hired a contractor that estimated $9,000 to do the construction. The home needed around $25,000-$30,000.  The contractor of course left the home unfinished and the investor is trying to finish it. Having the correct people bidding it in the first place would have save this investor $1,000’s.

Check out the video below and Call Brett 216-703-5740 Howard Hanna Ohio and 602-363-6551 West USA Realty Arizona

Here is an example property I looked at yesterday.  I go through the home and look at all the work that I think should be done.  Knowing the difference in rehabbing  and what the expense should be saves my clients thousands.

Listing your Home in Arizona for less

If you are listing a home in Arizona you should give me a call. We can list your home for as low as $995 Flat fee.  That gets you on the MLS and a ton of other media sites. The key to selling your home the fastest and for top dollar is marketing. Let us do all the work for you.

Why pay all those high commissions, when you can get a seasoned Realtor to get your home sold?

Having those resources and a seasoned agent that understands your area and has sold 100’s of homes. That can make all the difference on your property value and selling it quuickly.

We will get your property listed, take all the phone calls, deal with the Sellers agent, and make sure your home is exposed to the max.  Call Brett 602-363-6551 West USA Realty why pay the higher prices when you don’t have too.


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