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Income Real Estate In Arizona


Here is a nice home located in Mesa Arizona.  Close to the freeway and in a nice area.  Nice amenities are close by and the the area has a large tenant pool.

Lets go over the approximate numbers.


Rent____$      1100
Tax_____$         57
P/M____$          88
Insurance$         60

Net Proceeds   $   895

This home should also grow in equity and would be a nice asset for your portfolio.  Call Brett
602-363-6551 West USA Realty.  We have all the services that are needed to help all your real estate needs.

Real Estate and Realtors are all about services


Being a Realtor with services is important to the success of your real estate experience and success. Personally I really get involved with all the processes that can go on in a Real Estate transaction. You say what could that be?

Working on closing is one of the services a Realtor needs to be very good at.  Inspectors have an array of issues any one property could have. Mold came up on a home I was selling.  The agent and family told the buyer to run for the hills. I talked to the agent about getting the mold issue corrected in the attic area of the home (almost all attics have mold).  I also explained that the home had been remodeled and heater and A/C had been replaced.  The sellers had the home treated and got a clean report on the mold.  I had to work with my seller also to get that report. Having any dis interested third party get a report protects both the buyers and sellers in any transaction. We are closing the property at the end of this month.

Also when you are looking to buy a home your Realtor needs to know what are the benefits of living in the area, Having the knowledge of local areas helps buyers and sellers have more information on that area.  Looking at what is being built in the local areas and the trends that might be because of that is information any professional agent should have at their fingertips.  I frequently go to the eateries and shop in local markets to get a fell of what that area has to offer.

I just had a client who needed some electrical work done to his property. He called me and I got my electrician out to get the issue addressed.  How many agents can do that on short notice? If my clients need any type of rehab or updating done to their property I have that at my fingertips.

Overseeing the progress of any project is another service I do.  I have a full catalog of video updates to prove that.  Every week I send my clients detailed videos of the progress of their real estate. It does two things it informs them and gives them peace of mind that their project is getting finished.

I have many other Real Estate services that I offer as a Realtor including discounted listing services if you need to sale your home. Sign up below and I will get yow all the services we can do for you. You can also Call Brett 216-703-5740 Century 21 Premier and 602-363-6551 West USA Realty

First-Time Millennial Buyers Poised to Revolutionize the Real Estate Market in 2017

These are buyers from ages 25-34 and a lot of them are ready to buy homes.  I have sold two properties to millennials this year and they were great to deal with and they knew what they wanted! This article comes from http://www.realtor.com/ by Cicely Wedgeworth and she gives a report on these buyers and what they are going to buy in 2017.

” “This represents an ‘Oh, shift’ moment in housing,” says Jonathan Smoke, chief economist for realtor.com®. Smoke’s team analyzed responses from active shoppers on our site who plan to buy a home in the spring or summer of 2017. “With so many first-time buyers in the market, competition will be even fiercer next year for affordable starter homes in the suburbs. Those looking to buy may want to consider a winter home purchase in order to avoid bidding wars and higher prices spurred by a potential increase in millennial buyers.””

This will really put pressure on the median priced homes and slightly higher prices homes. The two Millennials that purchased homes with me were both paid over $300,000 for their homes.  They also had very strong financials. I think that is the key to these buyers is their financials and knowledge of the real estate market. When you find them the right home they will pull the trigger and purchase the home.

The issue next year will be the same as this year inventory.

” So it’s no wonder that millennial buyers prefer single-family homes (39%) or townhomes (34%). Just 15% are interested in multifamily homes, and 10% in condos.”

That is a great mix of real estate and will help the market. Buying townhouses and homes is going to help continue the drive in both types of real estate.  Condo and Town Homes in a lot of areas are selling in days. The key when you buy any type of real estate is to look at the bylaws and understand the do’s and don’ts. Associations need to also have good financials ob the HOA .

So, let’s see, where can you buy a big house with a yard in a safe neighborhood? You probably guessed it: the suburbs! First-time home buyers identify the suburbs as their No. 1 preferred location (43%). In fact, so do 50% of all respondents.”

The key to any real estate purchases is location,location,location. You need to buy the right real estate and have knowledge of all the local markets.  Buying real estate will probably be your largest purchase in your life, why not look at the investment side of any purchase? We do that for our clients Call Brett 216-703-5740 Century 21 Premier and 602-363-6551 West USA Realty .  We specialize in finding the right real estate and having a ton of services at our clients fingertips.

Lease Option or Rental in Strongsville

Having a Realtor with a service tool kit second to known. Want great real estate assets and services for your needs? Want a great place to live? Call Brett 216-703-5740 or 602-363-6551

Watch this video to see some of our services

Need income property in Cleveland?

Always want to show some homes I am looking at in the Ohio Market.  Here are the projected numbers based on other homes in that area.

Offer Price_____________________$119,000
Rehab_________________________$  15,000


Projected Rental Numbers

Rent__________________________$   1500
P/M__________________________$     150
Tax___________________________$    320
Insurance______________________$      60

Projected Net Proceeds___________$   970 a month

Located in a nice area and city.  This home would make a great addition to your portfolio and or new home. This property will be a 3 bedroom 2 bath 3 car garage.  Call Brett 216-703-5740 Century 21 Premier 

New Remodeled Listing in Mayfield Heights Ohio

Great new REMODELED property we just finished in Mayfield Heights Ohio.  This home is a 3 Bedroom 2 Bath Home with a finished basement. New kitchen, Roof, Premium Yard package, interior and exterior paint and a two car garage.

The home is over 1100 SF not counting the basement.  Want a remodeled turn key home?  You want to live in Mayfield Heights? Call Brett 216-703-5740 Century 21 Premier Properties we specialize in remodeled real estate.

The Past, Present & Future of Home Prices

This story is the key to real estate success and having the right type of properties in your portfolio. Having that that figured out makes buying real estate a lot easier. This article comes from http://www.simplifyingthemarket.com/  that shows the appreciation and the projected appreciation next year, broke down by states. The two states I represent are Ohio and Arizona so I will be looking at those in this story/

Both states represent very good growth in home prices. Last year Ohio had over a 3% growth and Arizona had over a 5% growth. That is very nice steady growth that will not over heat the local markets. Oregon and Washington are over 10% and that to me means that local real estate market will fluctuate and it could be a lot.  Slow growth is much better in the long term and should be sustainable over the next 5 years.

With the tighter inventory and growing equity positions buying income real estate today makes a lot of sense. The key that every buyer whether a investor or not buying the right type of real estate that could really make money in the near future takes experience.

I have seen almost every type of real estate market in the lows and highs. What I have seen is real estate eventually and almost always is a great investment. Buying real estate needs to be treated as an investment every time your looking to purchase a new property whether your a home buyer or investor.

Considering areas and there trends is what I watch and study. I have looked at many cities that could possibly be places to buy real estate in for my clients. I moved 1000’s miles to Cleveland from Phoenix because of what I saw in the Cleveland downtown area. As everyone now knows the downtown is a very nice area.  Rents averaged $450 a month when I moved here 6 years ago and they now average $1450 a month and very low vacancy rates.

Phoenix Arizona is a huge metro area that has pockets that are growing, and still are affordable. The area also attracts quality tenants that tend to stay a lot longer. I have teams of professionals in both areas that will handle any real estate issue you may have need of. If you sale in areas you need to know teams of professionals that could assist clients if needed.

Remember they are not making any more land and prices are going up with inventory being tight. It will take 4-6 years to build enough new real estate to get this market with enough homes to sale. Call Brett 216-703-5740 Century 21 Premier and 602-363-6551 West USA Realty.

Housing Market Overview: Even the Weak Look Pretty Good

This study and article comes from http://www.themreport.com/ by Scott Morgan and it talks about the projections of the real estate market. Always looking and studying this unique real estate market is challenging, but it is looking strong for 2017.

” The housing market is past recovery and moving on with genuine strength. The future, in fact, looks bright enough for Veros Real Estate Solutions to call that residential market values will continue their overall upward trend over the next 12 months at the same pace they’ve been going, 3.5 percent”

You also can attribute to the very stringent lending policies that are currently in pace. The foreclosures will probably go way down because of that. Buyers that are getting loans today have very good credit.  The ones that have dings on their credit usually pay cash for their homes.  Either buyer makes this real estate market very strong.

” What’s important to keep in mind is that even the weakest markets, showing depreciation around 1 percent or 2 percent, “won’t perform that poorly,” Fox says. The report’s weakest market is expected to be Atlantic City, with a forecast 2.4 percent depreciation. Similar to the best-performing markets being confined to a small geographic area, this quarter’s report shows 20 of the 25 bottom performing markets are in New Jersey, Connecticut, West Virginia, the Hudson Valley region of New York, and the oil-based economies of Texas and Oklahoma.”

Even in the weakest areas homes are seeing very small decreases.  In the Cleveland Market the projected appreciation is over 4% and Phoenix it is over 6% projected appreciation. That is a very steady as she goes equity builder. Knowing the local markets that will benefit the most in this market is the key to buying the best real estate. It may also get you better equity positions.

You have to really dig and read the real estate information available and understand why real estate is selling and not selling in local areas.

”  “This type of concentration is a highly unique phenomenon,” Fox said. “In the 13 years that VeroFORECAST has been accurately producing forecasts we have never seen such strong geographic polarization.””

That is why this information is probably correct to use for forecasting the future real estate markets. Call Brett 216-703-5740 Century 21 Premier Properties and 602-363-6551 West USA Realty

This Weeks Real Estate Video updates 10/15/16

Welcome to this weeks real estate video updates.  I do these videos to keep my clients updated on their property and how the construction is going.  I also like to do this to advertise the property through all the different channels I advertise on which is considerable. I always am looking at all the different marketing venues to help sale my real estate faster.

We did get a home done this week and it will be listed after it is cleaned. The property came out very nice.  We replaced the roof-kitchen-interior and exterior paint-new heater-new water heater-new a/c-new finished basement and much more. Look at the two different videos I made for this property and see what you think.


The next home is almost finished. We remodeled and added a whole new floor to this home. The basement area has a new bedroom-bathroom (Full)-and bedroom area. We also added a new kitchen and interior and exterior paint. Check out the new video on this home,

The next home is also almost finished and is located in Strongsville Ohio in a nice private neighborhood. It is about 2-3 miles from all the shopping and also has a Pool with the HOA. Very nice place for a growing family or someone who just wants to live in Strongsville. The property does have a master suite on the first floor also.

We take care of our clients and understand that real estate needs to be treated with a detailed plan that gets clients needs taken care.  Call Brett 216-703-5740 Century 21 or 602-363-6551 West USA Realty 

Check out this weeks rehabs and updates!

Check out all our updates on our YouTube Channel



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