Under the Roof News Letter: Real Estate news eXPLAINED 11/17/17 Edition

Under the Roof News Letter: Real Estate news eXPLAINED

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7 Reasons to Buy a House in Winter

For some reason a lot of real estate professionals fell a need to slow down and take time off in the winter. This article has some great advice for the savoy home buyers looking for home.  The article is from https://www.thespruce.com/ by Diane Schmidt. She mentions some obvious reasons and some that you may not have thought about.

“Fewer Buyers to Compete With

The most obvious plus of buying and moving in winter is exactly because real estate wisdom says to shop spring and summer. As a result of this popular piece of real estate advice, there will be fewer buyers in competition during the winter months. It’s simple economics – the low demand will work in your favor. So for the investor looking to find a good deal in the housing market, the winter can be prime time.”

There are fewer buyers to compete with because buyers take time off too, at the wrong time. The demand is perceived to be in low gear, but it is really not. Most people like to attend and enjoy Christmas, Hanukkah. and new years. You can still look at some homes and get a great deal in between the parties and celebrations. When all the celebrations are over guess what? More buyers to compete with and we all know the inventory is already low.

”  Fewer Chances That There Will Be Multiple Offers on the House You Want

Another reason that winter can be such a buyer’s market for real estate is that the fewer number of buyers competing for homes means that the chances of there being multiple offers on a single property are greatly reduced. This again translates to buyers having the upper hand over sellers in the negotiations.

There area a lot of areas that have a lot of potential buyers bidding on the homes. I can think of many areas that homes get the multiple offers. During the winter the buyers are less due to all the celebrations and so are the offers. This gives you a better shot in getting the home you want without all the stress.

One thing that is not mentioned is the foreclosed homes. As a owner or investor there is a larger selections of homes and less bidding. me and my wife were bidding on a home that had been on the market a while. When we placed our bid 4 other offers came in YIKES! Buying that home in the winter would have had fewer bids for sure if any. 

If you thinking of buying a home now is a great time to do it. Our company deals with all different types of listings and we will get you a great deal on your home, and we have all the services you will ever need for your home as a bonus!

I’m Brett please call me 216-703-5740 Century 21 Premiere and 602-363-6551 EXP Realty and Playa Azul. 

Platinum Partners RE Investment Network Cleveland

Networking with other investors and getting ideas. Coming to Cleveland? Check us out Click below to join

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Thie home was built in 2011 Call Brett 216-703-5740 Century 21 Premiere 

This weeks Vlog has Congratulations! Your Making Your Home Perfect is easier than you think.

Knowing what you are looking at is as important as what you buy. Buyers need to get the best deal not only for the home, but also for getting the home rehabbed at reasonable cost. Knowing the places to save money on services and materials can make all the difference. We have all that for our clients and More.

Imagine making your home or investment anyway you want…..imagine it no more we have all the services and places to buy materials you need to make your home or investment prefect and more affordable…….

Our company really strives to make you home and income property purchase stress free and fun! We love what we do and love getting are clients what they want. 

 I’m Brett call me 216-703-5740 Century 21 Premiere and 602-363-6551 EXP Realty or Playa Azul

Enjoy this week new video

Wanting Some Affordable Real Estate Updates????? Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

Tired of the old worn out look of your home? Want to sale your home for top dollar? Need a extra bathroom, New Kitchen or updated colors in your home? Look no further we have the services to do just that.
Our kitchens are very affordable and include all the items for a brand new kitchen. Cabinets, Counter Tops, Appliances, New flooring, Recessed lighting, Back splash, New Plumbing and electrical. 
We can add a bathroom to your home also or update it. We are licensed and insured, and work in all the cities. Check some of the work we have done and call 216-703-5740


How to Brighten a Dark Home and help make it perfect

Getting a home to peak shape and creating your perfect environment takes some planning and updating of certain areas in a home. This article can assist in some creative ways to spruce up the dated rooms in your home. The article is from https://www.zillow.com/ by Steve Asbell.

Paint it light and bright

Colors and values are nothing more than the light that reaches our eyes after bouncing off objects.
The amazing thing about white is that it reflects most of the light that hits its surface, creating the illusion of light. Case in point: that glowing ball in the sky we call the moon.

Paint colors that are saturated yet light in value create a similar effect, while lending their own distinctive personalities to a space. “

Colors can have a awesome effect on how your home fells and getting you mood bright. That is why I always get an interior designer to choose the right pallet of colors for my clients. It is about a 2-3 hour process and it does make a major difference in how the home looks. Painting the right colors can also make the home look more spacious. 

“Replace doors

Doors present a great opportunity to let in more light, improve the view from inside and make the entry more welcoming.
Since your front door is a reflection of your home’s personality, as well as your own, pick a style that’s appropriate to the architecture. If you’re concerned about privacy, choose one with stained glass or small windows at the top. Even a small amount of natural light will make a huge difference.”
I was showing a $500,000 home this week that had mismatched door hardware. It made the home look cheap and not well done. When your asking a premium price for a home it needs to look like it deserves that price. 
When you are want to sell a home or just update it. The key is paint, Kitchen, flooring and updating the bathrooms. Leave any part of that out and it will hurt the look and fell of a home.
Our company can get all  this done at reasonable prices and get your home sold in the process. If you can’t find the perfect home, let’s look at some homes that need rehabbed.
You are at your home more than anywhere else, why not make it what you like and enjoy. Having a updated home also creates more entertainment and having friends over. Brighten up your home and it will do the same for your life.
Our company specializes in finding great homes for you and your family. Our unique system can get your a better menu of homes and help create the perfect environment for living your life. 
I’m Brett and I have done over 1000+ transactions and assisted in 100’s of rehabs. Get your perfect home call 216-703-5740 Century 21 Premiere

Sunday Brunch: Dogs and Your Home

Dogs become part of the family when you have them and they add a lot to your life. My dog Flo was no different than any other dog, she was part of my family. She was a great companion and loved to go out and look at all the sights around Cleveland. She would also catch a couple of movies with me as long as a biscuit was involved.

She made the 3000 plus mile journey from Phoenix to Cleveland with me and Lori when we moved here. During her 7 year run here she learned home to create Flo angels in the snow and kept Moose (Doberman) and Lacy(Cat) occupied. Snow was nothing but a fun white substance to play in for our Flo.

When we would have guest over she was the first to go greet them and welcome them to our home. Not once did she ever not welcome someone and be excited about the new bodies roaming her domain.

Tuesday Nov 7th we had to make a very difficult decision about our 16 year old Flo. She had a large tumor on her back that she had braved for a year. Never did she complain, but it was time for us to not think of ourselves like Flo never did. We will miss her dearly.

Today I want to remember Flo and all the other pets out there that help make our homes a great place to live. They are always there when no one else is and ready to go have some fun!

Dogs and Cats can make everyday a great day because they are almost always happy. Taking them on a long run across town or just being with them at home. I loved Flo and all her impressions on my life and I will never forget her.

She like to go look at real estate also…..If you need a Realtor I’m Brett 216-703-5740 Century 21 Premiere and 602-363-6551 EXP Realty and Playa Azul. We find pet parents homes that the whole family can enjoy!

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Why do buyers think twice before buying a fixer upper?

Buyers that look at real estate sometimes over look fixer uppers they are sometimes the best deals, the key is to understand the cost of new updates.

HGTV fixer upper shows always over emotionize that they run into extra cost on the already exceptional cost of rehab. The key is the real cost of rehab and should you rely on those shows to have the correct cost on projects. NOPE

Let’s look at a property before and after the rehab and the cost. I think you will be shocked at the rehab and the cost of the rehab.



We replaced everything including adding a new bathroom, HVAC, Roof, Driveway, and windows. This property was under $100,000 rehab to finish.

The key is was the rehab worth the money.  Click below to verify the sale numbers. On 3/31/16 we purchased the property at 17329 Long Meadow Dr, Chagrin Falls Ohio for $150,000. Add the rehab numbers in at $100,000 and the total investment would be $250,000. We sold the property on 9/16/16 for $304,900. 

That is $54,900 equity position on a fixer upper. This home is on the second hole of the Tanglewood Golf Course. Imagine getting a home in a very high demand, rehabbing to your perfection, and have great equity! 

Fixer uppers can be a great way to buy the real estate and save money. The awesome factor is they are rehabbed and like new.

If you are looking for real estate consider buying fixer uppers and creating your perfect home. I have done 100’s of these types of homes and I have the staff available to assist you in getting your dream home finished. 

I’m Brett call me 216-703-5740 Century 21 Premiere and 602-363-6551 EXP Realty and Playa Azul. Giving you another option to consider in this tight inventory real estate market. 

1000+ Homes and Counting


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